From 2010 I've been working on my own companies and products

Companies and Products
Projects for customers
  • 2019
  • 2018

    Website to help students to prepare their GCSE and A Level exams.

    Frontend development: React, Bootstrap, Jekyll.

    Implementation of a user management system using aqua.

  • 2017

    Headless CMS based on git to help developers to create and host websites and progressive web apps (PWAs) with offline capabilities.

    Content is stored and managed in Git repos with Gittea.

    Static content is built using Jekyll.

    Full catching of content with Service Workers on the client.

  • 2016


    Development of app for the telecom operator BTS.

    The apps generates and displays network usage charts and reports from the backend data en BTS servers.

    Frontend development: JS/HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, charts.js.

  • 2015


    Sports prediction game where players can win guaranteed cash prizes and compete for live changing jackspots

    Frontend development: Ember.js, Bootstrap,

    Managing a team of 8 people.

  • 2014

    Apps to show full information about La Vuelta: teams, stages, classifications...and also real time information about the race.

    Front end development: JS/HTML5/CSS3/jQuery Mobile.

    Native Android development.

    Managing a team of 8 people.

  • 2013

    A customized version of WebMob for the wine sector.

  • Native apps for events

    Developed several mobile apps using EvenPac:

    • CAI: App developed for the CAI Ireland.
    • MWC: App for the EI stand in the MWC Barcelona.
    • Congreso Web: App developed for Congreso Web 2011.
    • Galway Xmas Market: App for GCM.
    • Sales Institute: App for Executive Institute Ireland.
    • OnF1: News and classifications for the F1 Championship.
  • 2011


    Create native apps for your events.

    We offer a simple and price-competitive development service to create mobile apps for SMEs.

    Platform uses Wordpress as CMS and provide SDKs and build tools to generate hybrid apps for iOS/Android from JSON configurations.

  • 2011

    SaaS to easily create and manage mobile website from your browser.

    The project won the "I Concurso Movistar de Aplicaciones Cloud”

    I lead the project from creation, product design, development, management to sales and integrations.

    Frontend development: Developed several UIs: WebMob, amobie, Moviweb.

    • v1: Custom MVC, AMD Modules, steal.js, mustache, jQuery, Bootstrap, i18n.
    • v2: Improved version of the UI using Ember.js and Handelbars.

    Leading a team of 9 people. Leading the integration with Telefonica/NEC.

  • 2011

    Heraldo Mobile Apps

    Develop mobile apps for Heraldo de Aragon y Diario de Navarra.

    Android Developement. Project manager. Dealing with customer.

  • 2011

    We create Go Movil!

    Company created to bring products and expertise to the Spanish market.

  • 2011


    Semo is initially born as a platform to help us internally to develop mobile apps for our customers.

    Includes mobile SDK for Android and iOS that provides comprehensive support for automatic syncing and offline caching of content, search engine indexable content and push notifications.

    'Self service mobile app'
  • Vodafone VGE

    Conference app for Vodafone UK. The project consisted of a backend and clients for several platforms: Nokia, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android and iOS.

    During this project I'd the chance to get full expose to native mobile development.

    Android development: This was my first production-ready Android app (KitKat).

    Managed a team of 8 developers either in-house and remotely.

  • BeonQR

    URL shortening and QR tags generation service.

    Frontend: jQuery, jQuery UI, mustache.

    Backend: Nodejs (express), couchDB, mySQL.

  • 2010

    We create InnerFunction!

    I leave my job and become and entrepreneur creating InnerFunction Ltd.

...before then I worked for other companies...

Companies I worked for
  • SpeedyMoney

    Worked as a JS expert in the development of SpeedyMoney, a fork of CashCollector adapted to support a large number of users for companies like Google.

    Leading the frontend development, delivering a custom version of the UI: JS, jQuery, YUI, HTML, CSS,

    Improving the overall app performance and training and supporting the internal Arvato team in Dublin and Gütersloh, Germany.

  • 2009

    Arvato Finance Services

    I joined Arvato Finance.

  • Cashcollector

    The company developed credit control J2EE software.

    Worked as full stack engineer mainly involved in frontend development: jQuery, YUI, JSON, HTML/CSS.

    During this time I got full expose to real JS development: OO, JS good parts, Linters, RegExp, templates...

  • 2008


    I joined Cashcollector

  • Curam Software

    Developed Social Enterprise Management software solutions using J2EE.

    Backend development with Rational Rose, J2EE and JUnit.

    Frontend development: Designing and implementing XML based UIs.

  • 2006

    Curam Software

    I landed my first job as Software Developer!